Double Diamond Slots

Double Diamond slots is a superb online slots game that proves quite emphatically that the simplest of concepts can often provide the maximum amount of fun and entertainment. Whilst many other games are tripping over themselves to force as much non-gaming content onto the player as they can (think superfluous animations, audio jingles that quickly get on your nerves and complicated rules that make quantum physics look simple), Double Diamond focuses squarely on what really matters – maximum gaming action and absolutely no extraneous filler.

The Double Diamond slots game will be particularly appealing to old-school gaming enthusiasts who have fond memories of traditional slot machine reel symbols such as cherries, BARs and 7s. The game itself has three reels and one pay line. That might sound fairly minimalist when compared with some other slots games that are out there, but it means you can see at a glance whether or not you have won a prize. It also means you can more easily afford to bet the maximum amount and thereby increase the size of the jackpot you have to aim for.

Talking of jackpots, Double Diamond slots gives you the chance of winning up to 800 credits when you bet the minimum sum of 1 credit. Bet the maximum of 3 credits and you can win up to 2,500 credits, so there really is everything to play for.

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Placing Bets
The first thing you need to do before playing Double Diamond slots is set the amount you wish to stake on each game. You can stake 1, 2 or 3 credits on every spin of the reels, and the number of credits you have in play will affect the amount you can win every time you are successful. The jackpot is 800 when playing 1 credit, 1,600 when playing 2 credits and 2,500 when playing 3 credits. Details of all prize amounts are provided on the Pay Table to the right of the main play field so be sure to check these to make sure you are happy.

Spinning Reels

Starting the Double Diamond slots game is simple: all you have to do is click the large PLAY button. The three reels will spin for a short time and then stop in order from left to right. The pay line will then be scanned by the machine and if you have won a prize it will automatically be added to your account. The jackpot is won by getting three Double Diamond symbols on the pay line, but if you get just one or two Double Diamond symbols then you could still be celebrating, as you’ll see later.

Tweaking Things
The Double Diamond slots experience can be tweaked to suit your own gaming preferences in a couple of ways. First, you can turn the audio on or off by clicking on the AUDIO link on the right side of the screen. Second, you can adjust the size of the gaming screen. Click the maximise symbol in the top right hand corner of the window to expand the game to fit your screen, or click minimise if you need to switch to another application whilst you are playing. The great thing about Double Diamond slots is that you are always in complete control!

Double Diamond Slots – A Real Gem

Double Diamond slots is a real gem of a game that no self-respecting online slots player can afford to ignore. The graphics are crisp and vibrant, animation is smooth, sound effects are perfectly appropriate, the game itself is as entertaining as you could ever want it to be and the cash prizes on offer are well worth pursuing. Play Double Diamonds at Virgin Casino today and discover what you’re missing!


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Game features

We have already said that the Double Diamond slots game pays its jackpot when you get three Double Diamond symbols on the pay line.

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